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Official Go Crazy CW Shirt

Official Go Crazy CW Shirt

sad and I was angry and I didn’t feel inspiring or brave. You recently wrote on Instagram that, going through cancer for the Official Go Crazy CW Shirt and I will buy this second time, “I don’t yearn for accomplishments, professional or personal. What I want is time. I want to…remember all the shapeless days, away from my phone and work, when I was truly present with my friends and family and the company of self.” The first time, I think you were working furiously? Am I remembering this right, that you were in the hospital and you were on deadline for The New York Times? What changed? The biggest contrast for me is the beauty of being in your thirties. At 22, I was caught up in this glorification of hustle culture and this anxiety of accomplishment, probably because I didn’t have a career yet. I just had these



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