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New York Baseball The Kid Neon Shirt

New York Baseball The Kid Neon Shirt

show, Cookin’ With Brooklyn, on Watch Together via Messenger, Beckham invited Vogue into his kitchen back in December to prepare tagliatelle and pecan pie for his fiancé, Nicola Peltz. And now, he’s inviting us back to his home again for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two. First up on the New York Baseball The Kid Neon Shirt What’s more,I will buy this menu is—what else?—a heart-shaped pizza. “This is starting to come together now, I just needed to turn up the heat a little bit,” says Beckham as he mixes the dough. “You did not just say that,” Peltz deadpans. “I did just say that!” Beckham replies. For dessert, Beckham has a recipe for a dairy-free chocolate lava cake up his sleeve, with a pair of freshly mixed espresso martinis for an extra kick. “I love drinks that don’t taste like alcohol, so this is right up my alley,”



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